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Good news! CdTe POWER GLASS of CNBMCOE was successfully selected into the "New Technology for the Promotion and Application of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction in Sichuan Province (the First Batch

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A few daysago, Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Developmentissued the announcement on "Sichuan Province to Promote the application ofnew Technologies and restrict and prohibit the use of backward Technologies inthe field of housing and urban-rural Construction (the first batch)".After strict consideration and selection of product quality, innovation degree,technical level and market scenario, CdTePOWER GLASS by CNBMCOE has been successfully selected as the newtechnology for the promotion and application of housing and urban-ruralconstruction in Sichuan Province in 2022 (the first batch).

Under thestrategic guidance of Triumph Technology Group, CNBMCOE has been committed to the research anddevelopment of high-tech, high-performance, high-quality related new technologyand new products, the products have independent intellectual property rights,the core technology has reached the international advanced level. On the basisof improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency, the technical andengineering teams have also broadened the application scenarios of products,increased the diversity of product appearance, and realized the customizationof patterns, and made an important progress in creating complete sets ofsolutions, which effectively promoted the large-scale production of low-costand efficient thin-film solar cells in our country. This successful selectionwill promote the product in the research and development, production and marketapplication and other fields to achieve greater breakthroughs.

At present,this technology has been widely applied in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Handan, Zhangjiakou, Bengbu, Xi 'an and other places asbuilding facades and roofs in photovoltaic building integration projects. Theoverall technology has been promoted in Jiamusi Building Materials, HandanBuilding Materials, Ruichang Building Materials and so on.

Theselection of Chengdu building materials to play the industry advantages,enhance the core competitiveness has far-reaching significance. CdTe POWER GLASS is an important demand of energytransformation and building materials transformation. CNBMCOE willfurther implement the national strategic goal of carbon peak and carbonneutrality, and more actively participate in the tide of innovation andentrepreneurship. This product technology has strategic value in thedevelopment of national economy, plays a significant role in ensuring andimproving people's livelihood, and has a significant impact on thetechnological progress of the industry. It has made a major technologybreakthrough and entered the market, has independent intellectual propertyrights, and has a significant competitive advantage in the market, representingthe independent innovation ability and level of our country in this industry orfield.