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The current team at the Technical Center includes 1academician,  7 staff with doctor'sdegree, 31 staff with master's degree, 5 senior engineers, one national-leveltalent, 4 provincial-level talents and 5 experts in the Chengdu Migrant TalentProgram, 52 core researchers,  and it isalso the home for the first Workstation of Nobel Laureate--Sheldon Glashow inChengdu.

In recent years, CNBM (Chengdu) has made a number ofmajor breakthroughs and innovations in related basic research, appliedtechnology research and industry core technology, achieving 16.18% conversionefficiency of CdTe POWER GLASS in its production and 20.24% conversionefficiency in the laboratory, which are technical feats on par with world-classlevels. Our company owns 202 national invention patents, has organized orparticipated in the formulation (revision) of 39 national and industrystandards, and took charge of 9 national, provincial and ministerial scientificresearch projects, and even was awarded as the top innovation team in Sichuan Province.

In 2017, we successfully produced the world's firstpiece of large-area (1.92m2) CdTe POWER GLASS and colored CdTe POWERGLASS, broke up foreign monopoly and positioned China as the first country topossess independent capacity for large-area CdTe POWER GALSS. This breakthroughat the forefront of the POWER GALSS material industry has emerged a hallmark ofthe international competitiveness of China in the field of CdTe POWER GLASS. Inthe future, CNBM(Chengdu) Technology Center will adhere to an innovative, openand cooperative research model, and carry out extensive technical exchanges andcooperation with relevant technical research institutions both from home andabroad.



CdTe POWER GLASS production line is the world's first demonstration production line with Industrial 4.0 independent intellectual property rights and an annual output of 100 MW low-light CdTe POWER GLASS.

Since its inception, CNBM Triumph Group alreadydedicated resources to set up CdTe technical research institutes in the United States,Germany and China.  Under the strategicguidance of Triumph Group, CNBM(Chengdu) established an international technicalteam, accelerated the training of young talents by leaning on new energymaterials research center jointly founded with foreign organizations. The companypersists in a model comprised of technological innovation conducted by overseasteams and industrialization of research outcomes driven by local teams, whicheffectively support the company's technological development in its two majorbusiness sectors of CdTe POWER GLASS and dissipated metals. The OrganizationDepartment of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee has also offered strongsupport through its policy on high-caliber technological innovation personnel,and the company's technical team was named on the list of top innovation andentrepreneurship teams in the Chengdu Talent Plan.