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CNBM(Chengdu) Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the R&D andindustrialization of CdTe POWER GLASS under the strategic guidance of ChinaNational Building Material Group. With more than ten years of exploration, itwas awarded a special support fund of RMB 159 million from the NationalDevelopment and Reform Commission for the "Major Project to Enhance theCore Competitiveness of the National Manufacturing Industry” in 2015. CNBM(Chengdu) Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. successfully rolled the world'sfirst piece of CdTe POWER GLASS off the production line in August 2017,pioneering a precedent for the industrialization of CdTe POWER GLASS in China.The Company also brought the world's first production line of CdTe POWER GLASSinto production in April 2018, which achieved economic profitability in thesame year.

CdTe POWER GLASS is produced by coating 5 layers of semiconductor thin filmsequentially on glass substrate to make the glass become a conductor from aninsulator and have the function of power generation. The solar power glass isfeatured by low carbon emission, high power generation, high efficiency,excellent performance under complex environmental conditions, and beautifulappearance. With customizable light transmittance, color, pattern, etc., it canbe recycled at the end of the life cycle. As a green building material that cancreate value and energy for owners, CdTe POWER GLASS is multi-functional andwidely applicable to government, schools, hospitals and other public buildings,as well as the curtain wall construction of supermarket buildings andindustrial buildings.

At present, CNBM (Chengdu) OptoelectronicMaterials Co., Ltd. has achieved 16.18% conversion efficiency of CdTe POWERGLASS and 20.46% conversion efficiency by laboratory, coming up to theinternational advanced level. CNBM (Chengdu) Optoelectronic Materials putsforward the concept of "Low-Carbon Aesthetics" and has developed avariety of new personalized CdTe POWER GLASS such as black, colorful,light-transmitting, stone-like and rainbow glass. Those products have passedmany international and national authoritative certifications such as nationalgreen building materials certification and fire rating test (Class A), and alsohave been recognized for their power generation capacity, safety performanceand anti-pollution performance. On the other hand, the fire resistance of CdTePOWER GLASS is rated as Class A, bringing about strong resistance to hot spotsand low fire risk, which meets the safety requirements of building materialsand resolves the problem of "easy to catch fire and difficult toextinguish" of conventional components. As a new type of green buildingmaterial, CdTe POWER GLASS is the best choice to realize energy saving andemission reduction, lead the building trend, and initiate a new energyrevolution.

The products have been successively included inthe Guidance List of the Application Demonstration of the First Batch of KeyNew Materials (2019 Edition) of the Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology, the Catalog for Promotion of Green Technologies (2020 Edition)issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Catalog ofPromotion and Application of the PLA's "Four New" Achievements,and awarded the title "Major Innovative Product" by the Science &Technology Department of Sichuan Province, the Edison Awards in the UnitedStates (in 2009), the First Prize of Technical Invention in Building MaterialsIndustry of China Building Materials Association (in 2019), and the NewMaterial Award of the 21st China International Industry Fair (2019).


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