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Sichuan Photovoltaic Building Integration Technology Research Center was inaugurated

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On March 15,Sichuan Province photovoltaic Building Integration System EngineeringTechnology Research Center was inaugurated in Sichuan Architectural Design andResearch Institute Co., LTD. Officials from Sichuan Provincial Department ofScience and Technology, State-owned Assets Supervision and AdministrationCommission of Sichuan Provincial Government, CNBMCOEand Sichuan University Institute ofNew Energy and Low Carbon Technology attended the unveiling ceremony.

In January2022, Sichuan Province Photovoltaic Building Integration System EngineeringTechnology Research Center, which was jointly d by CNBMCOE and Sichuan Architectural Design and ResearchInstitute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Provincial ConstructionInstitute), was recognized and listed in the list of the second batch ofrecognized provincial engineering technology research centers in 2021 bySichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department.

Pv buildingintegration is a technology that integrates solar power generation (PV)products into the building, making the building a micro-power plant to meet thebuilding's own electricity needs. Under the influence of the"two-carbon" strategy, the demand for building energy conservationand emission reduction is increasing. Low-energy photovoltaic products, such aslarge-area CdTe POWER GLASS, are used to replace the originalbuilding materials, which not only saves part of the traditional buildingmaterials with high energy consumption, but also uses solar energy to provideclean energy for buildings. Therefore, photovoltaic building integration is themost potential distributed photovoltaic system.

The researchcenter is mainly guided by architectural design, based in Sichuan Province, andactively promotes photovoltaic building integration technology for the wholecountry. It has completed photovoltaic building integration projects, buildingpatent authorization, scientific and technological literature, etc., and alsofocuses on cultivating a group of technical backbone personnel for photovoltaicbuilding integration.

As a keymaterial in the application of photovoltaic building integration technology, CdTE POWER GLASS has theadvantages of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, energycreation, beautiful and other advantages. It can also have good powergeneration performance under low light conditions. In Chengdu, a 1.92 squaremeter piece of CdTE POWER GLASS can generate more than 260 degreesof electricity a year.

At present,the research center has designed and implemented anumber of projects inside and outside the province, such as the CdTE POWER GLASS building integration project of the Lignihydropower Station in Sichuan Province and the CdTE POWER GLASScement building integration project of the ancienttown of Lijiang in Yunnan Province.

Taking CdTe POWER GLASS building integration project of Lijiang CementFactory as an example, the project uses more than 7,000 square meters of CdTe POWER GLASS for generation, generating about 2000 degrees perday. For enterprises with high energy consumption such as cement factory, itnot only saves energy, but also contributes to the city's beauty.

In the nextstep, the research center will continue to integrateresources, focus on the organic combination of photovoltaic and buildings, andbuild large-scale grid-connected power generation systems and distributed powerstations. It strives to cultivate high-end talents in the field of photovoltaicbuilding integration in Sichuan Province, forms a standard system, promotes thetechnological promotion and industrial application of advanced new materialsand new energy, and contributes to the low-carbon and energy-saving cause ofthe whole province and even the whole country and the world.