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Good news! CNBMCOE has won many honors of "Top 100 Sichuan Enterprises" in Sichuan Province

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In theafternoon of January 12th, CNBMCOE was awarded the titles of"2021 Top 100 Sichuan Enterprise Technological Innovation and DevelopmentAbility" and "2021 Top 100 Sichuan Enterprise Invention PatentOwnership" jointly by Sichuan Enterprise Development Promotion Center,Sichuan Enterprise Federation, Sichuan Entrepreneur Association and SichuanEconomic Daily. Chief engineer and Deputy General manager Fu Ganhua won the title of "Outstanding Contributor toTechnological Innovation of Sichuan Enterprises". It is understood thatthe list of the top 100 technological innovation and development capabilitiesof Sichuan enterprises is the only list of the top 100 provincial enterprises'technological innovation and development capabilities.

Since itsestablishment,CNBMCOE has attached great importance to theconstruction of research and development system and conditions, constantlyimproving the basic conditions of research and development, equipped withadvanced research and development equipment, which has strongly supported thecompany's technological innovation and new product research and development. Inthe process of innovation research and development activities, it has built andimproved 1 provincial enterprise technology center and 1 municipal academician(expert) innovation workstation. With the effective operation of theseinnovation research and development platforms, it has distributed 31 internationaland domestic standards and 177 patents. In the evaluation of innovation anddevelopment ability, it ranks 29th among the top 100 enterprises with Sichuanenterprise technology innovation and development ability.

This awardis a full affirmation of Chengdu building materials technology innovationability and innovation achievements. In the future production and operationactivities, Chengdu China Building Materials will continue to improve thescientific and technological innovation system, strengthen the construction ofscientific and technological team, improve the incentive mechanism oftechnological innovation, enhance the ability of independent innovation, givefull play to the demonstration and leading role, and make contributions to thehigh-quality development of the industrial economy.