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Triumph Group is an enterprise group composed of CNBMGlass New Materials Research Institute and China Triumph International EngineeringCo. Ltd. and their subsidiaries. It is affiliated to China National BuildingMaterial Group Co., Ltd.

CNBM Glass New Materials Research Institute is one ofthe first batch of Class A national comprehensive scientific research anddesign institutions established after the founding of People's Republic ofChina. It was restructured into China Triumph International Engineering Co.Ltd. (Triumph Group) in 2000 and has developed into a national importanthigh-tech enterprise. Triumph Group has actively implemented the strategies ofintegration, industrialization, engineering and internationalization, andvigorously developed the businesses in field of new glass, new materials, newenergy, and new equipment. It possess the operation power in foreign trade andClass A qualifications for engineering design, EPC, consultation and supervisionof projects in fields of glass, cement, architecture, new energies andenvironmental pollution control.

In recent years, the member companiesof Triumph Group have been ranked among the Top 200 Global Design Firms by EngineeringNews-Record and among the Top 10 National Survey and Design Companies,Engineering Project Management Enterprises and Project General ContractingEnterprises in China for many years in a row. Moreover, they have won lot ofhonors, including the National May First Labor Award, the Advanced Group ofCentral Enterprises, the National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, theNational Civilized Enterprise, the Advanced Group of National State-ownedEnterprises for Leadership with Excellence in "Four Aspects", and theNational Advanced Group with "Great Ambitions and Contributions".

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