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CNBMCOE’s large scale CdTe POWER GLASS featured on CCTV military news

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On November 7, CCTVreleased a video titled "The Warm Life of the Karakoram Training Officersand Soldiers" on its official Weibo account, which caused heateddiscussion. The video was forwarded by the official Weibo account of theCentral Committee of the Communist Youth League. The video details theclothing, food, shelter and transportation of frontier guards in the Karakoramtoday. Among them, the officers and soldiers live in the sunlight board room,it is installed from CNBMCOE’s Large-area of CdTe POWER GLASS.

In 2020, CNBMCOEactively responded to the call of strong army of science and technology, andused CdTe POWER GLASS to help the construction of new thermal insulationbarracks in the Karakoram frontier area, providing energy security for themilitary barracks in the plateau and alpine regions without support, greatlyimproving the conditions of the garrison. The application of CdTe POWER GLASSwith prefabricated barracks in border areas not only greatly improves theconstruction efficiency of barracks, but also provides continuous andconvenient power supply for the station, providing energy support for heating,lighting, oxygen production, food preservation and so on.

Now, with the wintercoming, our troops have been living a warm life in sunlit houses powered by CdTePOWER GLASS. They can also eat hot pot with fresh vegetables in the warm roomafter training. The heroes who guard the border areas of the motherland arealso well cared for!