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CNBMCOE with the newest CdTe POWER GLASS at Jinan solar Energy Conference

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From July 23 to 25, the 17th China (Jinan) International Solar EnergyUtilization Conference was held in Jinan High-tech International Convention andExhibition Center. CNBMCOE with its new BIPV Chengdu China Building Materialswith a new CdTe POWER GLASS at the Jinan solar EnergyConference showed up at the booth, attracting Chinese and foreign customers andpeers to stop and visit.

This is the firsttime for CNBMCOE to participate in China International Solar Energy UtilizationConference. Combined with the theme of the conference and the futuredevelopment direction of energy, CNBM Chengdu focused on the BIPV market andexhibited three distinctive products in this exhibition.

The most concerned isantique wood grain CdTe POWER GLASS. The product with its realistic imitation woodtexture effect, attracted a large number of viewers to take photos,consultation. This series of CdTe POWERGLASS combines wood grain pattern with CdTe POWER GLASS , and adopts triple layer structure to meet the securityrequirements of building curtain wall. Can be applied to the building facade,both beautification and energy saving effect of power generation.

Rainbow II highpermeability CdTe POWER GLASS was displayed as a screen in the negotiationarea of the booth, and its exquisite line cutting process and transparentvisual effect were well received by the audience.

CdTe POWER GLASS is rich in color. The metal texture on the surface under thelight makes the audience marvel. By covering the exhibits with thick layers ofdrawing paper, while the lamp beads inside the glass are still bright, thesales staff simply and clearly demonstrated to the customers the powergeneration effect of the CdTe POWER GLASS under the condition of shielding. The lowlight power generation performance of CdTe POWERGLASS won the customers' recognition.

Through thisexhibition, CdTe POWER GLASS of CNBMCOE has expanded its popularity andinfluence in the photovoltaic industry. In the exhibition dominated bytraditional crystalline silicon products, with its unique appearance andexcellent power generation performance, it attracted the attention of a large numberof professional visitors, media and peers, and gradually felt the audience'scognition of the products, from photovoltaic products to building materialsproducts.

Under the guidance ofthe national ‘double carbon’ strategy, the distributed photovoltaic system, especially the BIPVsystem, is facing the strongest wind. CNBMCOE has a deep understanding of theexcellent performance and strategic significance of CdTe POWER GLASS, positioning itself in the field of green buildingmaterials, putting forward the concept of "low-carbon aesthetics",and perfectly integrating CdTe POWERGLASS technology with building glass. Not onlyhas the conversion efficiency been continuously improved, but also diversifiedcustomization has been achieved. At present, a number of BIPV demonstrationprojects have been built nationwide, covering the types of industrial plants,commercial buildings, municipal engineering, tourist attractions, etc.,combining various types of buildings with photovoltaic, effectively realizingbuilding energy conservation and emission reduction, and helping the greentransformation of the construction industry. The early completion of the"two-carbon" target has set a good example.

Introduction to theExhibition

China (Jinan)International Solar Energy Utilization Conference was founded in 2007, has beensuccessfully held 16 consecutive times, is the largest distributed photovoltaicexhibition in China. With the theme of "Golden Sunshine, clean energy,Double carbon, Green development", the solar energy exhibition covers anarea of 45,000 square meters, attracting more than 500 new energy brandenterprises from all over the world. Among them, 7 of the World's top 500companies, 22 of the world's top 500 energy companies, more than 40 of the world'stop 50 photovoltaic companies, all of the top 20 photovoltaic module companiesand the top 15 inverter companies also attended the expo.