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GOOD NEWS! CNBMCOE’s technology of "Producing Large area CdTe POWER GLASS with Near-Space Sublimation Method" won the title of "China Good Technology" in 2020

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Recently, CNBMCOE’s "Near spacesublimation method of large area CdTe Power Glass" technology won 2020"China Good Technology" title.

"China Good Technology" is evaluatedand awarded the title by China Productivity Promotion Center Association. Itaims to explore the good technology that is close to life, benefits people'slivelihood, is demand-oriented and guides consumption, and better promotesscientific and technological innovation, stimulates creativity and promotesachievement transformation. The awarded technology is widely promoted at homeand abroad through various platforms of China Productivity Promotion CenterAssociation.

Since its establishment, CNBMCOE has beencommitted to the research and development and industrialization of CdTE POWERGLASS. Its core technology -- "Preparation of large area CDTE POWER GLASS bynear-space sublimation" technology has reached the domestic leading andinternational advanced level. At present, Jiamusi, Handan, Ruichang, Zhuzhouand other places are simultaneously building production lines, technologypromotion. CdTe POWER GLASS produced by this technology has been widely used asa new green energy building material in photovoltaic building integrationprojects in Chengdu, Handan, Zhangjiakou, Bengbu, Xi 'an and other places. Ithas launched obsidian, rainbow, camouflage, scroll and other series of powergeneration glass, and can be developed according to customer needs, to achievecustomized production. Products will effectively promote the large-scaleproduction of low cost and high efficiency thin film solar cells, and fill thedomestic technology gap.

Theevaluation has far-reaching significance for CNBMCOE to play theadvantages of the industry and enhance the core competitiveness. CdTe POWER GLASS is an important demand of energy transformation and building materialstransformation. CNBMCOE will further implement the national strategic goalof carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and more actively participate in the tideof innovation and entrepreneurship, "turn good ideas into good products,turn good products into good brands, bring good brands to the market, and makegood brands produce benefits", so as to benefit more people.